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Structured Cabling

SpectrumIT provides structured cabling installation solutions for voice and data by using Cat 6, Cat 6A, and fiber optic cable.  Most businesses use a combination of ethernet and fiber optic cables.   Ethernet cables are made of copper and transmit electrical signals, while fiber optics are made from glass and transmit light signals. These characteristics allow newer Ethernet cabling to go nearly as fast as fiber optic, however, fiber optic cables can transmit voice/data over much longer distances.

Whether your structured cabling project is new construction, an upgrade of an existing network or an expansion project, our project managers and technicians can adeptly handle all your needs:

  • Voice/Data Cabling Systems
  • IT Room Build-outs
  • Structured Cabling Solutions Utilizing Copper and Fiber Optics
  • Certified Technicians with Ongoing Training
  • Complete Testing and Reporting
  • Existing Site Clean-ups and Moves
  • Network Cabling Design and Installation Services

We build and install high-quality cable management solutions to organize, store and secure your voice/data and IT networks.