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DAS – Distributed Antenna Networks

For businesses that need cellular coverage in their offices, the most common solution is to use a distributed antenna system (DAS). If your office space is in a high-rise building or is too far from a cellular tower, then coverage can be sporadic and unreliable. SpectrumIT can bring reliable wireless connections by installing a distributed antenna system within your office and connecting it to the base system.

Typically a DAS system is put in place to distribute wireless signals throughout a property that is too large to get coverage from an existing antenna (hospitals, high-rises, warehouses, subways, etc.). If your building does not have a DAS already set-up, we can provide the necessary service, design, installation and maintenance to give your tenants the cellular coverage they need. As wireless devices get more and more usage across a network, a DAS works to increase capacity, allowing your network to handle the extra data/voice so your system doesn’t slow down during peak usage times.

Installing DAS into your network will ensure great cellular coverage especially when walking from outside, into the building, up the elevator and into your office.