Meeting and Exceeding Expectations


Eli Lilly Project at 15 Necco Street, Boston Seaport

Spectrum Team,

I want to just let you know how much I appreciate your team at our 15 Necco Street@ Seaport, Boston Project. They have done a wonderful job and I want to give special thanks to [the Spectrum team members] who went above and beyond –- going to each AP on [every] floor, verifying they were in place and not in the ceiling, as well as us identifying names for each device and troubleshooting the handful we could not connect to. It was a [painstaking] process, but it helped a lot to identify what we were seeing. (We also found several APs that had been placed above the ceiling by the ceiling contractor and sometimes even unplugged.)

Please recognize these three employees and tell them how grateful I am and how much I appreciated their help on Thursday as well as on this whole project.


Mark Wheatley
Associate Director – Tech@Lilly
Eli Lilly and Company

222 Berkley/500 Boylston Security System Upgrade

I am writing to acknowledge how well your [Spectrum IT] team handled the project in one of our buildings – 222 Berkley/500 Boylston. As you know it was not an easy undertaking. We had to upgrade the whole security system and the network. So the effort was joint with Oxford, Siemens and Spectrum/Otis. Fiber backbone was installed and all controllers replaced on the network with new switches and new server and software for security. Your team spent countless hours to make sure the system works right and was delivered on time to meet Oxford’s demanding schedule. What impressed me most is how your team handled difficult to impossible situations with Amag and Otis implementation. Terry Kildiff went out of his way to make sure the right code was written by Amag to meet our Otis destination dispatch requirements and meet the deadline for the tenant.

We are very grateful for all the effort put into it – that made our team and Spectrum look very professional in front of tenants, Draftkings and Wayfair. I would ask you to have Terry in charge our whole portfolio – Cambridge included. With his team, I’m sure we will be able to finish One Memorial (Microsoft tenant) elevator integration on time and with equally impressive results.

Ilia Belobokov
IT Building Technologies Advisor

Spectrum IT work at Harvard University

At a campus-wide Project Management meeting today regarding our projects in Allston, a question was asked of the PM’s: ‘who are your ‘go to’ contractors?’ Spectrum was my answer. This turned into a broader discussion with many project managers across the campus stating what a pleasure it is working with the Spectrum team. The meeting included representatives from Harvard Capital Projects, Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health, FAS Capital Projects, Radcliffe, HUIT, HUEHS, HUE&U and others.

Later this afternoon, in another meeting regarding ongoing work at 114 Western Avenue, a similar discussion about working with Spectrum as a vendor on campus took place. The end result was more kudos to Spectrum.

Richard B. Gallagher
Project Manager
Harvard University Information Technology
Infrastructure | University Network Services Group

Humana Studio H, 281 Summer Street, Boston Seaport – Spectrum IT Security and AV project

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated working with [the Spectrum Team] the past 3 weeks. This project was enormously challenging, and they did a great job. Wish I had a team like that in Louisville. Overall, Humana was extremely pleased with the space during the grand opening yesterday. AV has been received quite well and that is fantastic news given the timeline we had to complete everything at the end! Thanks so much for making that possible!

Kyle Blackman, CTS-I
Sr. Project Manager

Spectrum IT’s Fit-out Services

Thank you very much for helping us through a challenging situation this weekend. We were considering rescheduling our office move because we didn’t have the WAN links and voice PRIs available to support the business in the new space. Your team arranged to have mitigating materials delivered within 24hrs and 4 technicians arrived to install fiber cabling between L21 and L29 so that we could proceed with the move. They also stepped in to help solve a problem we had with the PRI cabling that Verizon was trying to bring online.

I want to specifically acknowledge Joe Hanlon who helped us until 2am Friday to ensure we had all our IT equipment moved, patched and tested in the new IT room. He had worked a double shift and was up almost 24 hours but he wouldn’t quit until we had what we needed which at that point was both WAN and PRI links and all systems tested “OK”. And, he came back the next morning early to perform all the desk patching and a host of other items that needed attention in the comms room. The help was invaluable! Spectrum’s contribution in making this weekend’s move possible, is very much appreciated.

Ken Cromer
Vice President | Data Centers
COG Technology | Macquarie Group

Spectrum IT’s Fitbit Boston A/V and Camera Installations

So you all know, absolute and unhesitating props to the install team. Professional, efficient, and thorough. There aren’t enough words to say. Ross’ capable work and supervision has set the tone for success. One more night and this job will be complete. Cheers to your team.

Chuck Eames
Manager, Global Collaboration

Our last night there will be this Friday 9/26…way ahead of schedule!!!

[referencing: State Street Corporation facility, Channel Center, 1 Iron Street, Boston] It is an absolute pleasure working with your team. I have worked in the industry for about 15 years and hands down (not even close) Spectrum has been the absolute best that I have worked with…since relocating here from our NYC office, I still talk and see my old colleagues and I brag to them about the professionalism, work ethic, craftsmanship and great personalities that I deal with when working with Spectrum. I know that we will be using you a lot in the future and I know when I have your team behind me it will be a perfect installation. Thanks again Mike…I tell your team every night but please pass the good words onto them.

Ross Graham
CTS, Field Technician
Verrex Corporation

Spectrum IT Tel/Data StructureTone project

We have spent the last 4 months working on the project at NSTAR. Recently, speaking with some individuals in the facilities department about day to day coordination, they let me know how happy they are with the quality of work that has been provided by the Spectrum IT/J&M Brown tel/data installer, Joe Hanlon. The work has been methodically coordinated, well organized and done to the professional standard that I hope to find on all of my jobs. After all of the day to day fires that we put out and the problems that are overcome, it is nice to have someone step forward and offer some positive feedback. I appreciate when the people we work for offer kind words regarding the quality of the work that we provide and seldom does it get back to the individuals that perform the work. I agree with their thoughts and am happy to have Joe and the Spectrum/J&M Brown team as part of our team out here at NSTAR.”

Thank you,

Michael Freeman,
Project Superintendent StructureTone Inc. Boston, MA