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Access Control

Access control is a security feature that allows a company to control who has access to certain areas within a building or office space. It gives an organization control and monitors the flow of people into and out of a space. SpectrumIT offers premium access control solutions in Server- based, Appliance-based and Cloud-based configurations from a mix of manufacturers to ensure that we have the best options for your specific security requirements. We install simple electronic keypads that secure a single door to large networked systems for use in multiple buildings locally, nationally or internationally.

Card readers range from state-of-the-art Bluetooth and NFC, Cloud-based devices using your smartphones as credentials, to biometric as well as traditional proximity readers, integrated to with physical access control systems. While cards and fobs have been the traditional credential, smartphones are now far and away the prevalent manner systems are migrating to.

Door access comes in an assortment of keyless options from single door Integrated with smart intercoms to keypad entry, key fobs and card access, as well as hands-free solutions. Each solution allows for easy programming so you can change a user permission at will.

Visitor Management Systems provide an effective way to manage your building’s visitors through either lobby self-service kiosks, security visitor badges or electronic paperless badging at reception. Newest technologies allow for the processing of visitor credentials with integration to elevator dispatch to direct visitors in the most convenient way direct to the proper tenant or

Panic Buttons allow a person to silently call for help in the event of an emergency. Panic buttons are most commonly installed at reception desks, lobby security desks and loading docks, as well as gyms and amenity spaces.

Whether you need to monitor employees or track visitors, we can identify and choose an access control system that solidifies your security needs. Plus, you can seamlessly connect access control systems to existing systems such as intrusion detection, CCTV and other video management technologies. Our solutions are flexible, allowing for additional components or a reduction in devices as your needs change.