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Buildings are full of people who expect safe working environments. This means that buildings must provide protection and safety on a regular basis and in the event of an emergency. Ease of communication and visitor control play an important role in your security strategy and this is where Intercoms come into play.

Intercoms can be used for tenant-specific use, security desks and guard stations, entire buildings or across multiple facilities. Audio/Video intercom systems provide a screening process that allows you to grant or restrict access after you verify who is there. Other options include phone-entry systems and IP Intercoms that connect with your building network. Spectrum is ready to support your efforts in attaining an internal communication or paging system for your company or building.

  • Intercoms with access control capabilities can unlock doors remotely while assisting visits from an offsite location
  • Intercoms can broadcast emergency messaging
  • Networking of intercom systems can happen across multiple buildings

SpectrumIT supplies the latest intercom security technology for properties in and around the Boston area helping to keep work spaces safe and secure.